Third Time Is Technically a Charm, According to the Old Laws


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Some days you wake up, brush your teeth, drink your coffee, re-brush your teeth, receive your information packet via Brain-Wire download, hop into your local transport tube and head off to work for your regular 22 hour workday and everything just fuckin' jives. You're chugging free coffee and pounding your keyboard way harder than you need to, reports are getting generated and emailed and you're cracking jokes about how bad Steve from Accounting's tie looks today. 

And then your doctor calls you, his breath ragged and his voice getting louder and softer sporadically. Wind is rushing through his phone and you can discern that he must be running. "Jake, Jake I'm sorry! I'm not a doctor," you hear him scream to you through the phone, sounding far away. "I was never a doctor."

You wake back up, you've fallen asleep at your desk again. The long days are getting to you. You wipe your eyes and head over to the kitchen, tyme to get another coffee.

Issue three of Ear Rat Magazine is a shorter, sexier installment than you might be used to, but I'd argue that it is also shorter and sexier. Dann and bikerbuddy bring their regular heat, and we have some new artists laying down a rich creamy layer to enhance the base. Please, help yourself, we do things family style here. Just use your own spoon, it's fine.


  1. I'm commenting before I read it, because that's just how I roll.

  2. Dann snooping on the ERM site, love it


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