The Seventh Turning Opens the Door


Scientists believe that once an iteration of something reaches it's seventh distinct configuration, the gates of hell open wide and bust the hinges off so they can't swing back closed, and all the spooky demons and ghouls and red devil people come a-pokin' and a-proddin' with their pitchforks and/or tridents and everyone must make a decision, an internal decision that no one else will ever know but a decision all the same; do I pick up my angelic sword and fight against the legions of hell, or do I pick up a can of whipped cream, do a quick whippet, and then plunge my being into the sexy tortures of hell?

I think we all know which option sounds better.

* * *

Ear Rat Magazine returns for issue seven, somehow. This one has been gestating for over a year since the last issue came out, and it is rightfully ill-shapened and deformed looking for such a long time in momma's tumtum.

bikerbuddy keeps the streak alive twice, pret plays dnd in story form, Comet & Wes & KPH (& bikerbuddy!) give us poetry, Brennholz grosses us out, Sage recalls what it was like growing up in a strange home, and I contemplate existence. This is a great issue and if you read it, walk away for several months, and then come back to it again, it will be even better.


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