Fiiiiiiive Golden Rings



The days have been dark around here. For me, at least. I've kept my eyes closed for the past fifty nine days and nights, wandering around my house trying to learn by feel as my arms and feetses poke and prod regular things that now feel magical; the book case, the utility ladder, the pile of rotting corpses. Take away a sense and it's all new and exciting. 

(I've been moving around in a state of self-imposed blindness in an attempt for a Guinness World Record™. The good folks at the Guinness World Record™ Book told me that keeping your eyes closed for consecutive days is not a record that they track. They also told me that dead people do it all the time and have me easily beat anyway. I asked the person on the phone what happens when we die. They said we turn into bagels. I hope I become an onion bagel when I pass.)

 * * * * * * *

Please join me in a celebration of life, vision, bagels, and all things crusty and beautiful for Ear Rat Magazine Issue Five, "The 90s." The celebration will be held independently at each and every one of our places of existence.If you read the issue and then think about it later, you're celebrating it in your mind. This is is considered "very cool" and it's why Leonardo DiCaprio was such a teen heartthrob in the 90s.

Dann and bikerbuddy, our favorite wordy stalwarts, talk to us about the 90s and tell us stories that seem impractical. Pike makes words seem like other words. Hannibal shows the nips. The Studio draws songs (wait, that can't be right, that doesn't make sense?) And a new ear ratizen enters the fold with a heroic piece of tech. This issue is fast, sexy, and really enjoys Seinfeld.

We will return for issue six in approximately four weeks. Yes, you read that correctly.


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