"We had to move fast," I said aloud to myself, a nervous tic more than anything. I noticed my finger nails as I tightened one of the final nuts on the board I was putting together. They're filthy, the dirt under them is caked so much that I can't even scrape it out. Grime is all that exists for me now.
I flip over the module and press the toggle switch that I used for a power button. It hums, the fan inside spins. The phone display I rigged up boots up; it's working. I've made a computer, here at the end of the world. I'll need to do a lot of work still, but command line is more than enough for now.
I hear foot steps ringing the catwalk down the ridge. I grab my binoculars and look. Raiders. I lay down and very slowly cover myself with my dark grey tarp. If they saw me, I'm dead in two minutes. If they saw me, this existence of pain and toil finally ends. I close my eyes and accept whatever fate may befall me. After a few minutes, I realize I'm still alive. No relief today, back to the computer.
* * * * * * * * * *

We are pleased to present to you Eareth Rattete Magazineria, Voluminouside Six: Ephemera.

bikerbuddy keeps his streak going, Preternaturality somehow sneaks two submissions in, Ausra makes her triumphant return with works of art, and a slew of newbies write up a bunch of weird shit. This one was never meant to last, but at least we did it fast. 

Issue Seven coming soon, just waiting for your submission.


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